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The 10,000 Minute Lecture

Learn and Understand one of the most intuitive models of machine learning known as Tree Based Models

Saturday, 04th May, 2019
03:00 PM - 4:30 PM IST

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Prasad Seemakurthi

Data Scienctist
"Prasad currently leads a Fraud Data Science team at South East Asia's leading startup Grab and was a corporate trainer with Organisations like EXL consulting Services, Orange telecom etc.. Previously worked as Manager CFR Decision Science at American Express, (Data Scientist) at EDF trading, ZS Associates and has more than 8 years of experience. Prasad holds Masters in Data Science from University of Virginia and Industry Mentor to many."


Please note that the organizers will not be providing laptops. You are required to carry your own laptops to the session. Download and install the appropriate Anaconda 3.6 distribution for your operating system. Navigate to the below link and download from under the "Python 3.6 version" section:

Understand the principle behind Tree Based Models

Building a Machine Learning model using a Tree based Models.


  • Intuition behind Decision Tree
  • Learn how to build a Decision Tree and implement in python
  • Understand the concept of Overfitting
  • Understand the concept of Ensemble Methods
  • Learn how to build Random Forest and implement in python


Learn the intuition behind Tree based Models. Understand the working and implementation of those Models

3:00 PM - 4:30 PM IST

What our learners are saying

Concepts have been explained nicely. A must for students who are keen in learning Data Science and taking it as a career option.

Shival Patel

Senior Software Engineer at Lyra Network

Love their program. Awesome learning platform and very helpful interview prep.

Nitika Goel

Data Scientist at FlexiLoans

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